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Sailor Moon Drinking Game

Okay, so here is the Sailor Moon Drinking Game that my friend and I made. It pretty much combines watching Sailor Moon and drinking. This version works best with Season 1 English dubbed, but can be modified to suit your tastes. So here it is:

1. Everytime Sailor Moon is mentioned have a drink
2. Everytime a rose is thrown take a drink
3. Drink when either the silver crystal or negaverse or evil queen is mentioned
4. Drink if the moon kingdom is mentioned for its sheer legendariness
5. Everytime Serena crushes on a guy, have a drink
6. If a party does not know all the words to the theme song then they must drink
7. If a villain is destroyed/killed, down two drinks
8. When Serena/Sailor Moon cries, down a drink for her wimpiness
9. Everytime someone goes red in the face, drink, if its glowing red two drinks for you


more to come...

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