Friday, 31 August 2012

Not feeling the love

Well, this blog certainly hasn't recently, and this is only going to be a quick update, but I so totally promise to do a full update this blog over the weekend, now that I have less assessment work for uni and normal work for that matter. Anyways, that's about it for now, until next time :)

Monday, 27 August 2012

I Don't Even Remember

Hey, Oh hey! I'll tell you now, in about two weeks time, my bank account will be very happy! Thanks to all this extra work that I have been complaints here, never know when I might need it for a 'rainy day'.

Anyway, I am glad that I have a day tomorrow in which I don't have anything to do as such. I mean, I will be spending a few hours doing University work from home and such, but I actually don't have to do anything tomorrow, except to be mauled by my cats. I actually can't remember the last time I had a day like this, ever since uni went back, and with work and other commitments, this thing called a weekend has disappeared from my calender.

I must say, I am a bit bummed, was yet another bad round in the AFL footy tipping. The last few weeks I have gotten 4, 4 and 5. To be honest it is not my fault, all the teams are just like 'Oh hey there! You picked us to win? Ok, then we will do our absolute best to lose for you' story of my life!

I also went on one of my rare adventures to the kitchen and ACTUALLY COOKED without burning down the house. Which actually would have been sad if I had, considering I was making Sushi, which only involved me cooking the rice. I have since eaten said sushi, and I am alive and well, so I haven't given myself food poisoning.

Since last time, I have finished reading Fushigi Yugi, and I must say, as I usually am with Yuu Watase's works, I was deeply satisfied. I always find that the endings are never rushed and everything is thought out and explained, closing all remaining plot holes, but also leaving open the possibility of a spin-off which is the case with Genbu Kaiden, which I will be reading some point in the future.

Next on the list is Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike (There is an exclamation point is actually part of the title, but apparently they are 'not allowed' on this blog). I will say, that is this the first Shounen Ai series that I will attempt to read, and the reason why this was on the list was I figured that if I want to explore different genres, may as well start with the best, and at 26 volumes, you figure that the story should be somewhat decent. I will state now that by no means will this trend continue, and that I will probably never become a BL obsessive fan., I actually don't know what to think of it so far...I have only read three chapters, but from what I gather, it is about an effeminate looking guy who is pretty much everyone's punching bag and his tsundere roomate...I can totally see where this is headed. Anyway, because it is so long, I may just sort of drift in and out of the series, reading it when I get the time while reading other series in the meanwhile, so watch this space. 

Anyway, that's about it for now, until next time :)


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hey!!  I had a dream. The dream was that someone threw a brick at me, and it really hurt. I actually woke up in pain to find that my cat had jumped from the top of my wardrobe to my bed, landing smack bang on the middle of my back. Needless to say said cat has since been banned from my room.

All I can say is that I am happy that I have completed my first Assessment piece for this semester. It makes me feel slightly accomplished that I just have a little less work to do at the end of the semester. But lets be honest, I will leave everything to the last minute, because that's how I roll.

So I am about 14 volumes into Fushigi Yugi, and there is a lot I like about it and a bit I don't get. I like how the story is broken into two different arcs. The first 13 volumes is the first arc, where as the remaining 5 volumes complete the second arc. I quite like series that have this kind of set up. I mean all long going series have arcs, but I quite like how this is done. I guess similar examples would be Angel Sanctuary and Basara and even Sailor Moon where the story is broken into many smaller arcs, but the one thing that all these series have in common is that they are all from the 90's. So I don't know, maybe it's a 90's thing. I also like this series purely because it is Yuu Watase. I like how there is also an anime, but disappointed that it only covers the first arc of the story, up until the end of the 13th volume. Another thing that I don't get is why the prequal was written after Fushigi Yugi, Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden. I mean, I already know how it's going to end...but then again, I get to read more to do with this amazing series...I think you can guess that I quite like the historical fantasy series...

Also, I have a few new series that I am in the midst of watching. I have acquired Season 1 of Chihayafuru (Looking forward to Season 2 when it is released). I have only watched the first 6 episodes thus far, but at the moment, i quite like how it is similar to the manga. I like this because I find that sometimes, the manga and anime break off into different tangents. I also have the entire series of Marmalade Boy, another classic series from the 90's, excellent slice of life series, slightly different from all the supernatural and fantasy crap I talk about...I imagine at 74 episodes that it will take me quite a while to get through.

Anyway, that's about it for now, until next time :)

Monday, 20 August 2012

Sickness Go Away

So yay! I am sick again...I seem to have good and bad years with sickness I can go 2-3 years with nothing then have one year that is just really bad getting sick on and off...seems that this is one of those years. So I missed uni today so I could sleep it off under the influence of some very strong medicine that knocks one out in 20 I am feeling moderately better.

I went to the footy yesterday, one of the rare instances when the Swans play in Melbourne, and seeing as I was not working, I was able to go, for once. I ended up going home with about 10 minutes left to play because it just got too boring. It was great that my team won (by 82 points in the end) but when it is that much of a thrashing, it kind of takes the enjoyment out of spectating. Still talking about footy, I had a shocker in my tipping, only getting 4, but a lot of other people would have been in the same boat, because two of the top four teams lost, when many people thought they should have won.

I finished reading Basara the other day. I quite like how it was set out. The main story only went on 25 volumes, then the remaining 2.5-3 volumes were side stories, that either took place either before of after the events of the main story, giving much more insight into some of the characters psychological matters, such as the white king (who was actually a woman) and why she was so obsessed with seeing the downfall of the monarchy. I was kind of pissed at the end though, because one of my favourite characters died, and I don't like that when it happens kind of unexpectedly, I like my happy endings, especially when the story it 27 volumes long!! Just saying!

Anyway, now I am reading Fushigi Yugi by Yuu Watase. One thing I picked up on straight away was this Suzaku, Byakko, Genbu and Seiryu thing. I just read 27 volumes where this was incorporated into the story, and now I get to read another 18 volumes about a different interpretation...not that I mind, because both stories are quite interesting...more to come so watch this space!!

Anyway, that's about it for now, until next time :)

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hey Again

I feel like I have been totally neglecting this blog. Well I guess that is true. I have just been so busy, not only do I have university and work, but I have also dedicated some of my free time into typesetting some manga chapters for all to read...I am typesetting for Midnight scans, which focuses on Shoujo and smut manga, which is right in my ballpark!! 

As part of my cinema studies class, I got to watch 'Singing in the Rain' which I was hesitant about because my friend said it was crap. But after watching it I want to say it was anything but crap, it is a rather enjoyable classic!! I have a soft spot for the classics, one of my favourites is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Anyways, still on Basara, nearly finished the main story, from what I can see there is like 3 volumes of extras so I think I only have 5 chapters of actual story left to go, so I hopefully can finish very very soon!!

Unfortunately, I don't really much more to say, so I will leave it there for now!! Anyway, that's about it for now, until next time :)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Just another 4 years to go

So, it is the last day of the Olympics, so I only need to wait another four years until Brazil...Seems so long away, but I said the same thing after Beijing and the time just flew by. Congratulations to all who have participated and even did well enough to medal in their chosen events, I know for a fact that I am not capable of doing some of the things they do (especially the gymnasts and divers doing their flips and shit).

Been a busy week, getting back into the swing of things at uni, especially working, something that I wasn't doing last semester, so I have found it very ovverwhelming working as much as I have. Speaking of working, I got a bit upset about a shift I did recently. Someone used the bistro as a location to hold a birthday party. The party was for about 80 people, but what really got me going was the fact it was for a one year old, but the fact that they spent more than $3000 for a birthday party for a one year old. I understand that it is a big deal, but why would you spend that much money, I feel that that money could be better invested in that child, going towards their education or something worthwhile. Also, they made me make them like 50 coffees. I am a bartender, I specialize in alcohol, not coffee, if you want your decaf skinny caramel latte I suggest you go to a cafe, mainly because we have neither decaf or caramel.

I am currently reading Basara, up to volume 15 of 27, and it is rather intriguing, it is full of dramatic irony, so I am sitting here waiting for the plot to unfold. I like how I know things the characters dont, and the reactions they have when they discover the truth. More to come so watch this space. The author of Basara is starting a new series this month, so I will be looking at that one when I get the chance.

Anyways, that's about it for now, until next time :)

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Finally Doing It Right!

It is great to see that Australia is finally winning some gold medals! Congratulations all round! I was kind of concerned that New Zealand was above us on the medal tally, but now that that is no longer the case!

I'm finally back at uni, which is why I have been kind of MIA over the last few days, the first week is always hectic getting ready and starting that first week each semester.

I have managed to finish reading Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa. It is complete at 5 volumes, and is also the sequel to Gokinjo Monogatari. The story follows Yukari (Caroline), a high school student who takes her studies seriously in order to please her parents. She is shown to lead a plain life, her only pleasure coming from interacting with her crush Hiroyuki. One day she is "escorted" by a group of  students from Yazawa arts school (lol) and try to coerce her to be their model for their upcoming competition. At first, Caroline declines, but she soon accepts when she discovers that these students have goals and dreams that they are trying to achieve, something that Caroline finds she lacks. Once she gets to know this group of people, she befriends them all, especially Miwako (the younger sister of Mikako from the original) and George, who she develops romantic feelings for. It is revealed that Miwako and Arashi, who were childhood friends, now dating, and Hiroyuki were all neighbours and childhood friends, but stopped talking some time ago when Arashi became jealous. As the series progresses, the three rebuild their friendship. Eventually, Caroline and George act on their feelings, beginning a relationship of sorts. Meanwhile, Caroline realizes that she has a passion for modelling. She decides she will pursue it as a career and fights with her mother as a result, causing Caroline to run away from home. Caroline finally gets her mother's consent to pursue modelling on the condition she finishes high school. Over this time, Hiroyuki and Caroline become good friends, with Hiroyuki developing feelings for Caroline. After the competition is over, George and co try to sell their clothes, but with little success due to the clothes 'avant garde' style. After some persuasive talks with his friends and father, George decides to go to Paris to work in a couture house. Caroline is given the choice to go with him, but she declines, saying she will start modelling in Japan with making it to Paris as her goal. They ultimately break up. The story ends with a monologue from Caroline who is now 28 (so 10 years have passed), who talks about how she enjoyed a successful local modelling career, but was never good enough to reach Paris or reach George, with her stating that them meeting again 'became nothing more than a pipe dream'. The story ends with Caroline getting picked up by her fiance, who is none other than Hiroyuki, who has since become a doctor. The End.

I found this story quite amazing. It is classified as a tragedy, and I am blown by how sad the story is without a tragic event occuring (death etc). I feel this is a very realistic look on love in life, because although Caroline and George did nothing wrong, they couldn't end up together, instead both choosing to go after their dreams. It shows how not every ending can be happy, although I did find it bittersweet, because there is nothing wrong with Hiroyuki either. I actually wouldn't mind seeing more stories like this. I admit, I was on the verge of tears at the end because it does show how one of two choices can have an adverse affect on our lives and how the choices show their results over time. I would deffinately read this one again some time.

Next on the list is Basara, so this one could take a while 

Anyway, that's about it for now, until next time :)

Friday, 3 August 2012

Nothing to Say

Umm...I wish I had more to talk about...but there really is nothing...

On to the Olympics. Have to say that I am rather disappointed in Australia at the moment, only 1 gold medal. We are crazy good at getting silver, we have 9 of those, if there was no such thing as gold we would be nailing it! In all honesty though, the fun has gone out of the Olympics because its America and China, then a huge gap to the rest of the world. I think those two countries should have their own version of the Olympics, just to make it fair on us other countries, who, if we lose, 90% of the time is to competitors from these two countries. On the flip side, Australia will nail it in Rio, a lot of up and coming athletes which should be ready to go come four years time.

I have also read recently the first 4 and a half volumes of Rasetsu no Hana (because that is all that is scanlated). I was kind of hesitant at first, because it didn't look that great, but looks were deceiving. I found the story quite refreshing to a typical shoujo manga. It is somewhat dark as it does deal with death and the afterlife but it's not sad as such.  The story is about Rasetsu, an 18 year old woman who is cursed to be taken by the demon on her 20th birthday due to his mad obsessive love of her. There is a way to stop the demon from claiming Rasetsu and that is if she finds someone who mutually loves her before this same deadline (typical shoujo ploy lol). We are introduced to two male leads to form the love triangle, Kuryuu and Yakou. The story focuses on these three as they work together, all of whom have spiritual powers to help exorcise rogue spirits. The format is set out so it is one spirit per chapter sort of thing, but some spirits (the really bad ones, get two/three) while all in the meanwhile Rasetsu tries to figure out her feelings, as Kuryuu likes her but she likes Yakou more, Yakou is do you say...DENSE!! Anyway, it is a good story, depending on which character you like, it may be considered a tragedy (I know the ending, one of the main three characters die!)

At the moment I am slowly making my way through Paradise Kiss, which is the sequal to Gokinjo Monogatari, so it should be an excellent read!

Anyway, that's about it for now, until next time :)